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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Seeking the Facts: A Case Study Examining the Irish Media’s Coverage of Asylum Seekers’ Direct Provision Centre Conditions and Personal Allowances

Please click here to view my dissertation which examines how asylum seekers are affected by the media’s coverage of the direct provision centre conditions and the weekly personal allowance.
The purpose of this case study is to examine how asylum seekers in Ireland are affected by the Irish media’s coverage of the conditions in the direct provision centres that the majority of asylum seekers are accommodated in, and by the coverage about the weekly personal allowance that each asylum seeker receives.  Specifically explored is the media’s influence on shaping the public’s perceptions, attitudes and knowledge through this coverage, and how this affects asylum seekers.  Finally, the underlying societal, structural and ideological factors influencing the media’s coverage are examined, with a view to explaining how and why media organisations choose to report on these matters in the way they do.
This research is merited in the context of the hardship that the ongoing economic crisis is exerting on much of Ireland’s population and the previous research and historical events that have connected economic hardship with the kind of increases in xenophobia and racism which asylum seekers appear to be increasingly subjected to.
The research design combined one-on-one interviews with professionals and former asylum seekers, a content analysis of newspaper coverage, and a survey measuring Irish media consumers’ knowledge about the direct provision centre accommodation and the personal allowance.  This design was chosen to not only allow an in-depth analysis of the issues, but to allow the triangulation of the data – thereby increasing confidence in both the validity of the results and the conclusions drawn from them.

The findings indicate that the Irish media’s coverage has much scope for improvement, that better media monitoring is advisable in order to understand how different organisations cover this phenomenon, and that certain terminology used freely in society is problematic.

In practical terms, the results emerging from this study will aid any organisation working to improve the lives of asylum seekers by generating new data that can be used to either directly campaign for change, or to serve as a basis for future research.
Seeking the Facts: A Case Study Examining the Irish Media’s Coverage of Asylum Seekers’ Direct Provision Centre Conditions and Personal Allowances

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Digital Marketing Comment #2: “Just once, feel like a football pro”

I really like this Sky Sports Germany ad that seems to have had some modest viral success with 577 shares. 

The idea was to surprise the players from SV Lohhof and SSV Dillingen in Germany’s seventh tier by giving them the full Bundesliga pro experience: cameras, TV presenters, expert analysts, and of course a packed stadium.  And all that for a friendly!

The cynical might consider this a veiled attempt to address some fans’ perceptions that Sky only cares about top-flight football; for everyone else it’s a good bit of fun.  Well done.

Digital Marketing Comment #1: “Moment of Truth” #PubLooShocker

Here’s the powerful “Moment of Truth” viral marketing ad from Leo Burnett for the UK Department ofTransport’s THINK! road safety campaigns.

Very well made and hard-hitting, and it certainly seems to have captured people’s imaginations judging the 12,000 shares so far.  Well done to all involved.

But could you see yourself sharing it?  Is it actually too shocking?  Personally, I don’t think that I’d share it widely for that reason.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Irish in Exile #10: Sandra Mayors

Head on over to for the tenth and final installment in the "Irish in Exile" series.  The series has featured a variety of emigration stories from all over Ireland.

Today's interviewee is Sandra Mayors, who left for Canada as a 20-year-old in 1986.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Irish in Exile #9: Jenny Fay

Head on over to for the ninth article in the "Irish in Exile" series.  The series features a variety of emigration stories from all over Ireland. 

Today's interviewee is Jenny Fay, who spent three years in Australia and New Zealand.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Video: An Audience with Bill O'Herlihy

One of my fellow degree students, Paul Stafford, produced this interview with iconic broadcaster Bill O'Herlihy for  The presenter for the night was James Rea.

Give it a watch!